don't wish for it!

Success is there for you to take. You have to go after it. No one is going to walk up to you and hand you the key.

I started a company and blog about Encouraging Teens. What does that mean?

It means Empowering Teenage Responsibility. It is mentoring, teaching and coaching teenagers to achieve personal success in all areas of their life. Today, more than ever our teenagers are challenged to achieve more, do more and with parents justifiably busier than ever with work and social demands, it really does take a village to help your teenager achieve success.

Instagram, Snap Chat, texting, You Tube, all consume our time, but somewhere in the daily grind we have to provide coaching for our teens on how to be the best they can be, to start developing their leadership capabilities and to create goals for themselves.

It all begins with teenagers spending some time getting to know who they are, and how others view them. Is that easy, no it takes a specific methodology which I have designed and successfully used with teenagers. "Selfies Don't Change the World, You Do" is the amazing eight week program I wrote after years of research and it takes teenagers to the next level.

Developing empathy, effective communication skills, resilience, and time management are all skills that need to be taught, reinforced and practiced. How do you begin that journey? It is a daunting task, that I undertook with my own daughters. There are so many books on parenting but not one states clearly, this is the one for your children. Not only that each child is completely different. Somehow they are not clones of us, and have their own opinions and attitudes that we must guide, educate and coach.

All of that we are suppose to do in a positive nurturing way to build their character, self-esteem and self-worth. I am amazed that any of us survive being a parent. We don't throw in the towel as the first two year old temper tantrum in the grocery store, where amazingly older people look at you, that you are the worst parent for letting your daughter wear a dinosaur costume to the grocery store and to have this rolling on the floor melt-down over not buying "Barbie" fruit chews.

So along my journey of trying to be this amazing parent, I failed miserably numerous times, I learned that apologizing to your young daughter is a necessary and often time consuming process but worth every minute. I spent many hours reading parenting books, self help books, leadership books, and trying to master the art of parenting. I learned that Friday night bonfires with other moms's and wine is a cathartic moment and unites us in our quest of creating amazing wonderful adults that move out of the house and achieve "escape velocity" from our house and money. Although, inventing Uber would have been more profitable.

The journey of raising my daughters, taught me some valuable parenting skills. I also realized that I soon became the go to mom for concerns with my friends teenagers. I was able to talk with their teenagers, encourage them, provide coaching. It worked, these young teenagers were developing effective communication skills, empathy and with ongoing coaching their own leadership style. I decided to write out the content of what I did over and over with these amazing individuals. I created an eight week seminar, and my business Encouraging Teens LLC was launched. I now provide life coaching for teenagers and college students. I meet with parents and coach them on how to encourage their teen to be amazing. Each child is still unique yet they all have the same drive, to move out, have their independence and be happy.

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